We have developed this dictionary as a navigational map to help the reader unravel the valuable messages in dreams. At our site you will find an overview of the different approaches to the world of dreams; these will help you understand the multiple meanings that dreams contain as well as the importance of always singling out those meanings. It is best to not just personalize the message, but also to take into account the circumstances that produce the dream. The same dream, dreamt by the same person, could have a different meaning depending on the moment or personal experiences. Therefore, we should evaluate the importance of each interpretation carefully, as much with the details as overall. Our site contains the tools to start down the path to discovery, in a way that person can find their own interpretation of their dreams. Although, as Jung asserts, “human beings share a broad spectrum of symbols and archetypes,” the concrete significance of each dream can be very different depending on the personal circumstances of the subject. Therefore, whether alone or with the help of a specialist, each person should take on the task of deciphering their nocturnal episodes. And for that there’s nothing better than to get a little practice with concrete themes from the site, in the form of a dictionary, where many themes of the oneiric world are explained and can be linked together, giving birth to thousands of combinations and interpretations. We hope that it will provide plenty of hints so that the adventure of dreaming is even more intense and enriching. Sweet dreams.
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The information at our website comes from many open sources. This site is navigational map to help the reader unravel the valuable messages in dreams.

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