Dreaming of owning a fortune has a positive meaning but expresses ambition and pride. These feelings, if not unconscionable, can favor your plans; but if they are excessive they can harm you. If someone offers you a fortune you may have a windfall. However, this prosperity will be capricious and arbitrary, with no guarantee of continuity.

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Spur creativity

If you want to be more creative today, that you were yesterday, it would be ideal for you to have enough rest and sleep. Your brain will be working overnight to consolidate your memories, making them stronger and making you organized and well-structured. Researches showed that people will have stronger emotional components, which could surely help with their creativity.

Body reactions during sleep

Most of us must have experienced hallucinations or night mares. When we experience such dreams we are unable to move or react. This stage is referred to as sleep paralysis. This type of dream occurs in between wakefulness and REM. As it occurs during the REM stage, it causes complete muscle weakness preventing the individual reacting to the dreams.