The gaze is another means of communication without words. It can be a weapon of seduction or repression, and a means of expressing love, understanding, complicity, anger, hate, joy, sadness, or disapproval. The important thing in interpretation of this dream are the feelings and sensations awakened in you by the gaze you are subject to.

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Quality of Life

Most of us know that sleep can greatly affect the quality of life. There are just a lot of things that can easily affect our sleep. Thus, if you sleep better, you can live better. An 8-hour sleep is the recommended time for people to always have every day.

Body reactions during sleep

Most of us must have experienced hallucinations or night mares. When we experience such dreams we are unable to move or react. This stage is referred to as sleep paralysis. This type of dream occurs in between wakefulness and REM. As it occurs during the REM stage, it causes complete muscle weakness preventing the individual reacting to the dreams.