Dreaming of a hermit predicts study, patient work, and acquisition of knowledge, if, of course, it is on a clear and sunny atmosphere. In contrast, the vision of a hermit in a dark and gloomy place represents a laborious and tedious work. Dreaming that a hermit gives you shelter denotes generosity toward friends and enemies.

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Preventing Depression

Sleeping can help with the overall well-being than avoiding irritability. A lack of sleep can easily contribute to depression, but having a good one could easily change your mood or alleviate your anxiety. With a good night's sleep, you'll surely have emotional stability and balance.

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Dreams reflect our actions that we have already performed. Most of us have dreams activities relating to our past life. One of the common dreams that every individual has gone through is their experiences during the school life, where you would get images of teacher hitting you, making you feel numb and shameful.