A jungle symbolizes the subconscious. Its animals, your most primitive and indomitable instincts. You should pay attention to the elements that appear in the oneiric scene to obtain the correct interpretation. If you are lost in the jungle, the dream foretells problems. In case you encounter the way to exit the jungle, the problems will vanish.

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Interesting facts

What is a dream?

Dream is defined as a series of thoughts in the form of images that occurs in one's mind during sleep. It is a natural process that everybody undergoes in his life. Researches have found that people dream several times a night, each of the dreams lasting about 20 minutes. It is also found that a man spends 6 years of his life in dreaming.

Body reactions during sleep

Most of us must have experienced hallucinations or night mares. When we experience such dreams we are unable to move or react. This stage is referred to as sleep paralysis. This type of dream occurs in between wakefulness and REM. As it occurs during the REM stage, it causes complete muscle weakness preventing the individual reacting to the dreams.