The cause of this dream can be your economic worries in real life. However, it may also suggest that you rely too much on your emotional resources. Maybe you are in a time when your basic need is that your friends give you some help and support. According to a strange, old English superstition, dreaming that you pay a loan while laughing portends good luck.

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Spur creativity

If you want to be more creative today, that you were yesterday, it would be ideal for you to have enough rest and sleep. Your brain will be working overnight to consolidate your memories, making them stronger and making you organized and well-structured. Researches showed that people will have stronger emotional components, which could surely help with their creativity.

Avoid Accidents

One of the reasons why people always get involved in road accidents is that, they are tired while driving, or that they lack sleep. Many people do not realize that their performance can be highly affected by having not enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect reaction as well as decision making, not to mention that it could make a person unable to drive well. It goes the same with drunk driving.