This is a symbol of abundance and fertility. To dream of milk could reflect your maternal instincts. In the same sense, it manifests the love of a mother and the nourishment of ideas. Perhaps the dream is showing you the spiritual needs of your interior. If you dream that you give milk to others it represents the spiritual values or inspiration that you give to others around you. If you drink milk, especially mother’s milk, this dream is an omen of good health.

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Reading in dream

Sometimes you will not be able to differentiate lucid dream. If you want to be sure, try reading a simple sentence, if you are able to read then you are in wakeful stage if not you are in lucid dreaming. Studies show that you cannot read while dreaming or you will not find the repeated sentences one more time.

Healthy weight

If you want to go on a diet, you might want to have enough of sleep. The researches show that people who are on a diet and rests well, relatively lost more fat, of about 56% than those who deprived themselves to sleep. When you sleep well, your metabolism also works well, certain hormones will go up in your blood and drive your appetite.