This is a symbol of abundance and fertility. To dream of milk could reflect your maternal instincts. In the same sense, it manifests the love of a mother and the nourishment of ideas. Perhaps the dream is showing you the spiritual needs of your interior. If you dream that you give milk to others it represents the spiritual values or inspiration that you give to others around you. If you drink milk, especially mother’s milk, this dream is an omen of good health.

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Keep stress at bay

Your cardiovascular health will likely to suffer when you deprive yourself to sleep. Sleeping can surely reduce the levels of stress you're going through and with that, you could have a much better control of your blood pressure. Not having enough of sleep will also affect the levels of your cholesterol, which plays a significant role in heart disease.

Colorful dreams

Have you ever remembered your last dream? Were they colorful? Yes. Most of the dreams will be colorful as experienced in reality. Very few people visualize dreams in black and white. A study was conducted where the individual was given a color chart and asked to match colors that they dreamt. Most of them chose light colors while very few choose only black and white. It was very clear from this study that most of them have colorful dreams.