To see yourself as much paler than usual in a dream could be a warning of an illness that has not yet been discovered. If this is not the case, paleness could indicate the disappearance and sapping of spiritual or mental strength. To see others go pale could reflect a fear of losing them, of them disappearing, or that they change their opinion of you.

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Reading in dream

Sometimes you will not be able to differentiate lucid dream. If you want to be sure, try reading a simple sentence, if you are able to read then you are in wakeful stage if not you are in lucid dreaming. Studies show that you cannot read while dreaming or you will not find the repeated sentences one more time.

What is a dream?

Dream is defined as a series of thoughts in the form of images that occurs in one's mind during sleep. It is a natural process that everybody undergoes in his life. Researches have found that people dream several times a night, each of the dreams lasting about 20 minutes. It is also found that a man spends 6 years of his life in dreaming.