It is a good sign when a patio appears in your oneiric thoughts, since it predict strong and lasting emotional unions. However, it is not so positive if the patio is empty, dirty, or full of abandoned junk. In this case, you could suffer considerable economic losses, or abundant gossip that harms you.

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Sometimes you will not be able to differentiate lucid dream. If you want to be sure, try reading a simple sentence, if you are able to read then you are in wakeful stage if not you are in lucid dreaming. Studies show that you cannot read while dreaming or you will not find the repeated sentences one more time.

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As an athlete, you cannot easily perform your tasks or your routine if you lack sleep. Fight fatigue and insomnia by giving yourself some time to rest and sleep. A 10-hour sleep could be ideal to give your body the stamina it needs to face the day.