Whether or not it is possible for a dream to bring you the real scent of a perfume, it is definitely possible for it to bring you memories associated with a perfume. The perfume is a symbol of spiritual presence, since it feeds memory and nostalgia. If it is gentle, it indicates delicacy; if it is strong, abruptness.

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Keep stress at bay

Your cardiovascular health will likely to suffer when you deprive yourself to sleep. Sleeping can surely reduce the levels of stress you're going through and with that, you could have a much better control of your blood pressure. Not having enough of sleep will also affect the levels of your cholesterol, which plays a significant role in heart disease.

Common dreams

Dreams reflect our actions that we have already performed. Most of us have dreams activities relating to our past life. One of the common dreams that every individual has gone through is their experiences during the school life, where you would get images of teacher hitting you, making you feel numb and shameful.