To smoke a pipe in dreams is a symbol of comfort commonly associated with the act of suckling, which therefore denotes insecurity. It may also symbolize the longing that the dreamer has to escape. However, the effect that this act has on you in the dream is very significant. Do you enjoy the aroma of the lit pipe? Or was it disagreeable? It may be a warning that you are getting tired of your insecurity or dependence on something or someone.

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What is a dream?

Dream is defined as a series of thoughts in the form of images that occurs in one's mind during sleep. It is a natural process that everybody undergoes in his life. Researches have found that people dream several times a night, each of the dreams lasting about 20 minutes. It is also found that a man spends 6 years of his life in dreaming.

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Your cardiovascular health will likely to suffer when you deprive yourself to sleep. Sleeping can surely reduce the levels of stress you're going through and with that, you could have a much better control of your blood pressure. Not having enough of sleep will also affect the levels of your cholesterol, which plays a significant role in heart disease.