Its figure is associated with domestic wealth and bliss. It is also a symbol of healing and daily wisdom. The rest of the dream’s symbols must be interpreted to be sure of its meaning. In any case, pumpkin is a sign of good omens. Eating pumpkins is indicative of calm, tranquility, and good news.

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Keep stress at bay

Your cardiovascular health will likely to suffer when you deprive yourself to sleep. Sleeping can surely reduce the levels of stress you're going through and with that, you could have a much better control of your blood pressure. Not having enough of sleep will also affect the levels of your cholesterol, which plays a significant role in heart disease.

Body reactions during sleep

Most of us must have experienced hallucinations or night mares. When we experience such dreams we are unable to move or react. This stage is referred to as sleep paralysis. This type of dream occurs in between wakefulness and REM. As it occurs during the REM stage, it causes complete muscle weakness preventing the individual reacting to the dreams.