Its figure is associated with domestic wealth and bliss. It is also a symbol of healing and daily wisdom. The rest of the dream’s symbols must be interpreted to be sure of its meaning. In any case, pumpkin is a sign of good omens. Eating pumpkins is indicative of calm, tranquility, and good news.

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Quality of Life

Most of us know that sleep can greatly affect the quality of life. There are just a lot of things that can easily affect our sleep. Thus, if you sleep better, you can live better. An 8-hour sleep is the recommended time for people to always have every day.

Do blind people dream?

Dreams in blind people depend on the nature of their blindness. Individuals who have born blind will not have visual dreams instead they have night mares, most of them revolving around their challenges faced during the day. They experience dream through their sensory inputs like touch, smell, noise and emotions. People who were blinded after birth can experience visual dreams based on the visions or images that they have seen.