Due to its characteristic weakness, reeds represent docility, immaturity, and fickleness. If you dream of this element, the oneiric images are reminding you that—even if you are not acting out of malice—you cannot trust yourself, since you are unable to keep your word. Although it can seem contradictory, the flexibility of the reed also represents the value of wisdom.

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Lucid Dreams

Some people can recognize dreams while sleeping; this type of dream is called lucid dreaming. Most of the people would have experienced this type of dream atleast once in their life. You can actually control these dreams. One of the popular dreams that most of us experience is as flying in the sky; you can try lucid dream by imagining your house beside the flying aid.

Quality of Life

Most of us know that sleep can greatly affect the quality of life. There are just a lot of things that can easily affect our sleep. Thus, if you sleep better, you can live better. An 8-hour sleep is the recommended time for people to always have every day.