Dreaming that you are rowing in turbulent waters is a symbol of emotional confusion. You are consuming your strengths with a passion that does not correspond that may be destructive. If, on the contrary, you row in calm water, the dream is associated—like all with calm water—with an inner state of well-being, confidence, and security.

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As an athlete, you cannot easily perform your tasks or your routine if you lack sleep. Fight fatigue and insomnia by giving yourself some time to rest and sleep. A 10-hour sleep could be ideal to give your body the stamina it needs to face the day.


The amount of sleep that a person gets will be associated with his or her lifespan. However, the causes or effects are still vague, as illnesses can also affect a person's sleeping pattern. According to a 2010 study, women under the age of 50 to 79 only get less than five hours of sleep every night, which makes them a subject for death occurrences.