Saliva has a fairly complicated symbolism, as its interpretation is not simple. Occasionally, it is linked to gossip and insults that you are afraid to receive. But, it also has positive meanings. For example, if you drool on yourself, it means that you have the sufficient resources to resolve a conflict, despite that you lack confidence in yourself.

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Lucid Dreams

Some people can recognize dreams while sleeping; this type of dream is called lucid dreaming. Most of the people would have experienced this type of dream atleast once in their life. You can actually control these dreams. One of the popular dreams that most of us experience is as flying in the sky; you can try lucid dream by imagining your house beside the flying aid.

Spur creativity

If you want to be more creative today, that you were yesterday, it would be ideal for you to have enough rest and sleep. Your brain will be working overnight to consolidate your memories, making them stronger and making you organized and well-structured. Researches showed that people will have stronger emotional components, which could surely help with their creativity.