Seeing a thief stealing your things means that you are afraid to lose your possessions. On the other hand, if it is you who is stealing, it indicates resentment towards someone. You may be trying to take ownership of foreign goods or feelings; or you may have set goals so high that now you have to break the rules to reach them. Some superstitions associate this dream with love problems.

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Lucid Dreams

Some people can recognize dreams while sleeping; this type of dream is called lucid dreaming. Most of the people would have experienced this type of dream atleast once in their life. You can actually control these dreams. One of the popular dreams that most of us experience is as flying in the sky; you can try lucid dream by imagining your house beside the flying aid.

Preventing Depression

Sleeping can help with the overall well-being than avoiding irritability. A lack of sleep can easily contribute to depression, but having a good one could easily change your mood or alleviate your anxiety. With a good night's sleep, you'll surely have emotional stability and balance.