This is a negative dream that reveals your social vulnerability, that is, what you are afraid of showing or communicating to others. Perhaps, you feel that your vital role is going through an ordeal or being evaluated. Dreams of this type usually take place after the start of a new job or after taking new responsibilities that overwhelm you. It is also possible that, in the dream, people laugh at you, you are not able to make yourself heard, or you have a premonition of an impending disaster. These images demonstrate your fragility at getting involved with others. If, while you perform the test, the people watching you stir in their seats and talk it means you do not know how to take your ideas forward. If you have no audience at all it denotes the lack of recognition that you receive. Many dreams related to actors, actresses, and stages are advantageous omens. But if they are poor and appear disoriented, the good luck will vanish. Dreaming that you speak in public is very positive but if you do it from a podium it predicts diseases and failures.

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