An explosion is an alarm, either warning of imminent danger or expressing the desire to end a situation that has become unbearable in a violent manner. It is also possible that there is a loud noise where you are sleeping and the subconscious assimilates it as part of the dream scene that is developing at that moment in your dreams.

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Interesting facts

What is a dream?

Dream is defined as a series of thoughts in the form of images that occurs in one's mind during sleep. It is a natural process that everybody undergoes in his life. Researches have found that people dream several times a night, each of the dreams lasting about 20 minutes. It is also found that a man spends 6 years of his life in dreaming.

Common dreams

Dreams reflect our actions that we have already performed. Most of us have dreams activities relating to our past life. One of the common dreams that every individual has gone through is their experiences during the school life, where you would get images of teacher hitting you, making you feel numb and shameful.