An explosion is an alarm, either warning of imminent danger or expressing the desire to end a situation that has become unbearable in a violent manner. It is also possible that there is a loud noise where you are sleeping and the subconscious assimilates it as part of the dream scene that is developing at that moment in your dreams.

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Preventing Depression

Sleeping can help with the overall well-being than avoiding irritability. A lack of sleep can easily contribute to depression, but having a good one could easily change your mood or alleviate your anxiety. With a good night's sleep, you'll surely have emotional stability and balance.

Spur creativity

If you want to be more creative today, that you were yesterday, it would be ideal for you to have enough rest and sleep. Your brain will be working overnight to consolidate your memories, making them stronger and making you organized and well-structured. Researches showed that people will have stronger emotional components, which could surely help with their creativity.