The general meaning of this symbol is that of protection and transcendence. The status of the wall as solid strength allows introspection, creativity, and spiritual contemplation. In general, dreaming of walls is evidence of a need for isolation. A wall is an obstacle that prevents you from achieving what you want. This blockage can be found in real life or within yourself. You may be behaving like a real brick wall, rejecting any display of affection. On the other hand, it may symbolize a problem you cannot solve yet. In these cases, it is best not to obsess and just wait patiently. In the event that you see yourself building a wall, the dream trying to warn you that you need additional protection to defend against the setbacks of daily life. If, on the contrary, you are knocking it down, perhaps you crave more freedom or need to escape a claustrophobic atmosphere. The wall foreshadows difficulties and obstacles related to money. However, all will be well if you find a door or a hole to pass through.

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Reading in dream

Sometimes you will not be able to differentiate lucid dream. If you want to be sure, try reading a simple sentence, if you are able to read then you are in wakeful stage if not you are in lucid dreaming. Studies show that you cannot read while dreaming or you will not find the repeated sentences one more time.