This does not have to be a prophetic dream. It may be warning of a situation of neglect or abandonment on the part of your partner. Although it sometimes signifies that you should learn to develop yourself alone and be more independent. Seeing yourself as a widow or a widower announces moments of suffering by gossip that originates in the environment and could create enemies with third parties. You should try to discover who is trying to cause you harm so that your relationships with others are not harmed.

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Avoid Accidents

One of the reasons why people always get involved in road accidents is that, they are tired while driving, or that they lack sleep. Many people do not realize that their performance can be highly affected by having not enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect reaction as well as decision making, not to mention that it could make a person unable to drive well. It goes the same with drunk driving.

Do blind people dream?

Dreams in blind people depend on the nature of their blindness. Individuals who have born blind will not have visual dreams instead they have night mares, most of them revolving around their challenges faced during the day. They experience dream through their sensory inputs like touch, smell, noise and emotions. People who were blinded after birth can experience visual dreams based on the visions or images that they have seen.